About Us

Focusing on the news that matter, our website has expanded into the areas that cater to audiences beyond the generic approach. From entertainment to finance, our entity has left no stone unturned in bringing efficient, accurate and detailed analysis of every development in the country and beyond. Based in Mumbai, headlinetoday.news has incorporated essential elements into its fold to ensure proper coverage through digital and pure television. The emphasis continues to remain on no-nonsense reportage with a team of professional journalists, crew and staff that believes in the channel’s ideology and its ultimate goal.

Forming trust among peers and the viewers through sensible programming and utmost care towards facts has been the driving factor for the channel’s critical and commercial recognition. Our headlinetoday.news intends to bring news from the sectors of technology, sports and real estate, and sections of minorities, local and international movements alike. The channel has outgrown into a force to reckon with, thanks to the unique hour-long specials and programs that revolve around current scenarios and state of affairs.

In an age where noise has seeped into the studios, headlinetoday.news promises to deliver decent and sophisticated news by indulging with the right movers and shakers of the world. In an era when news travel faster than ever before, headlinetoday.news successfully manages to balance between the viewers who seek information on finger-tips and the viewers who crave for an elaborate and apt replacement for print media.