Check the source of money for Pradeep Sharmas Foundation..Hitendra Thakur

Bahujan Vikas Aghadi (BVA) President and Vasai MLA Hitendra Thakur made a vicious attack on Sena candidate from Nalla Sopara, retired cop Pradeep Sharma on Friday over "goondagiri" politics jibe in Vasai Virar belt. Sharma on Wednesday had said he was contesting the elections from Nalla Sopara on a Sena tickets on the orders of Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray who wanted to end the 30 years of 'terror' by the Thakur clan in Nalla Sopara,Virar and Vasai.

Sharma had said maximum number of externed criminals from Mumbai,Thane find refuge in Nalla Sopara, thanks to the patronage of the goonda terror in Nalla Sopara and when we could make Dawood Ibrahim leave the country, similarly we will end the terror in Vasai-Virar. To this,Thakur in his rebuttal said Sharma is afraid of facing us(BVA) and so he had resorted to such cheap tactics. Regarding terror in Nalla Sopara,Vasai, Sharma should know even today, no woman is harmed at the dead of the night when she is walking on the streets, and also there are no ladies bar in Vasai, whereas where Sharma stays in Andheri and also where he was posted in the Anti Extortion Cell,Thane there are huge number of ladies bar and prostitution is rampant, said Thakur. It is common knowledge that heavy bribes are paid to the police for running the shady businesses said Thakur. Further, there is respect to a person in uniform, and once he removes the uniform post retirement, the respect is lost said Thakur. Mind well, the word 'terror politics' will disappear from the people's mind of Vasai on 21 October when they will go to vote, said Thakur.

Sharma is new to politics and we welcome him, the more the merrier,said Thakur, but during the Sena rule from1995 to 2000 the development had taken a back seat. Whereas in my Vasai, one can see for himself the development we have made he added. I am approachable to the people of Vasai -Virar anytime of the day, but I cannot say about the Sena leaders who do not want to meet the common man said Thakur.
Regarding the so called encounter specialist tag to Sharma, there is nothing manly about Sharma to shoot a man in handcuffs and that tooj at point blank range and then claim appreciation, said Thakur. The Lakkhan Bhaiya encounter is fresh in our mind and Sharma went scot free while 13 other police colleagues have been found guilty by the court, so Sharma cannot be trusted at all and to save his skin, he framed his own 13 police colleagues and Uddhav has gone ahead and gave Sharma the Nalla Sopara ticket which is strange,said Thakur.
Sharma has cleverly used the media to project himself as a 'do gooder' said Thakur and I want to ask Sharma where is the source of money cominy from to run his Pradeep Sharma Foundation questioned Thakur. We all know the monthly salary of a Police Inspector so where is the lakhs of rupees coming from for his social work and we need to probe the source of funding saidThakur.
Meantime there are nearly 1.20 lakh bogus voters in Vasai-NallaSopara and majority of the bogus voters are from Andheri,Dombivli,Kalyan,Bhiwandi and other areas and we feel that the Sena has with the bogus voters and BVA has already complained to the Election Commission and also we will approach the courts for justice said Thakur. Also, in the Assembly polls, the Pulwama and Article 370 will not get dividends to the Sena as we are going to highlight the development factor said Thakur.
EC gives back "whistle" symbol to BVA
Meantime the BVA have got back the 'whistle' symbol from the EC said Kshitij Thakur,MLA from Nalla Sopara. We had applied to the EC as soon as the Lok Sabha polls got over and the EC has granted the whistle symbol back to us said Thakur. It was like the 'early bird gets the worm' situation said Thakur.In the last Lok Sabha polls,the EC refused to grant the BVA the whistle symbol.and allotted the 'auto rickshaw' symbol to the.BVA and due to which,the BVA lost Palghar Lok Sabha seat as voters were confused over the new symbol. We are confident that we will bounce back with the whistle symbol this time, opined Thakur.