Dehradun school gangrape case: Court sentences main culprit to 20-year jail

A special POCSO court in Dehradun has pronounced its judgment in a 2018 gangrape case of a minor in a boarding school, ordering for 20-year imprisonment for the main convict Sarabjeet. Three other minor convicts — who were earlier acquitted by the juvenile justice board last year — have been ordered to surrender before the juvenile board. These three convicts will have to go Bal Sudhar Grah for two-and-a-half years. Two of the convicts are still juvenile.

The judgment, which was delivered on Monday, also ordered nine-year jail terms for school director Lata Gupta, administration officer Dipak Mehrotra and his wife Tannu. School principal Jitendra Kumar has been given three-year jail term.

The prosecution said that Lata, Dipak, and Tannu have been found guilty under section 313 of IPC (Causing miscarriage without woman’s consent) while school principal Jitendra has been found guilty under IPC sections 212 (Harbouring offender), 201 (Causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy).

The court has also imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakh on the school management which will be given to the survivor.

Main convict Sarabjeet, who was over 18-years-old at the time of the incident, was found guilty under Section 6 of the POCSO Act.

The state had appealed in POCSO court last year after the juvenile board had acquitted three juvenile convicts, said the victim’s lawyer.

The incident dates back to August 2018 when a 16-year-old girl — who was then a student of class 10 — was allegedly gangraped by four boys, all fellow students, at a reputed boarding school on the outskirts of Dehradun. According to police, the incident was kept under wraps for over a month by the school authorities who threatened to expel the victim if she spoke about it even to her own family.

As per police, when the victim suspected that she may become pregnant following the alleged gangrape, the school administrative officer’s wife Tannu gave her “home remedies to terminate the pregnancy”.