MUMBAI: Today,we are going to tell you everything, you need to know about the upcoming singer-Dhruv Singh. Dhruv is a professional singer from Delhi and currently living in Vasai taluka and is eager to enter the city of dreams : Mumbai.

Dhruv started pursuing his singing passion at the age of 18 when he chucked up his college education midway, from Rohtak, and since then, he has never looked back. An accomplished guitar player, Dhruv was discovered by his father, Ratnesh Kumar, who himself is a singer but has given up full time singing and has entered the textile industry in full force. But he always encouraged me,said Dhruv. He received training from his uncle, Somanand whom he considers his guru, and initiated him in singing from Gurugram. Later,  in 2016, he shifted to Virar, and worked in -Ma Saraswati Studio- and started to do music production, for a living. Later, as time went on, he opened in partnership a studio-Shaligram studio-but he left the partnership a few months, and left all decisions to the Almighty, as he put it! Thanks to my mother, Shalini, and younger brother Simanshu, a M Tech (Civil Engineering), I was able to pursue my ambition, he says.

God smiled on him and very soon, he started to teach singing by opening the Glossary Classes (formerly Glorious), in Unicorn Building, Virar (W) where the youngest aspirant is a mere 7 year old,said Dhruv. Now, I teach to around 70 to 80 students daily as per their convenient timing,he says. 

Lady Luck again smiled on him, in the form of Gaurang Maharaj, a spiritual guru, who used to learn the harmonium from Dhruv, and through contacts, he did an audition for the Post Office chain of restaurants and soon got selected. Five days a week, Dhruv sings in the  hotel, for three hours, with three days spared for the Vasai main  branch and the remaining two in Virar,said Dhruv. Just then, another offer came and he also sings in the reputed Craft bar, BKC on Wednesdays and the Dock,Virar on Thursdays and so thanks to God, I have work aplenty, said Dhruv.

Singing in bars and restaurants was a new concept in Vasai-Virar and the Hotel Post Office management knew how to win back loyal customers and increase business. It is a new trend and is fast catching on,said Dhruv. I sing all types of songs, be it classical,ghazal, semi-classical,the recent hits from Hindi flicks and so on, as per the demand from the guests' said Dhruv. 

Since childhood, I had nurtured an ambition of getting into showbiz and want to turn my passion for singing into a career,said Dhruv. I am open to offers to sing in Hindi film production, or for that matter in any regional languages as I am fluent in all,said Dhruv,and if the offer is good, I will lap it!

Singing is a lot of hard work, practice (riyaaz) but thoroughly enjoyable,says Dhruv. We are just waiting to hear the new Sound of Music of Vasai!!