Lotus ‘pedhas’ — Pune’s flavour of the day

MUMBAI : As the BJP inched closer to its best ever Lok Sabha results, a pedha with a lotus (party symbol) motif, has gone viral in Pune. BJP supporters queued at Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale and picked up several kilograms of the ‘lotus pedha’ to celebrate the occasion.

“On a trial basis, we made 10 kg of pedhas that had symbols of various political parties, including BJP, Congress and NCP, on them. However, we received a huge response for the lotus pedhas,” said Govind Chitale, owner of the sweet shop.

The outlet offers almost 10 types of pedhas. “Since our trial round, the demand for nutmeg pedha with the lotus symbol engraved on it, has been consistently increasing. This allowed us to produce more such pedhas and we expect the sales to rise with the mandate,” said Chitale.

“The lotus pedhas have been trending all over the social media. This has popularised our initiative throughout the country and abroad,” said Chitale.