MumbaiMotorists are thankful to Ramdayal Yadav(68,pictured) a armyman who daily regulates traffic near the crowded Nalla Sopara (E) station. The Palghar Police district are also pleased with his voluntary service, as it reduces their stress in monitoring the chaotic traffic.

  Yadav, worked as a cook and served with the Indian Army from 1962 till 1982 when he retired from active military service. I had served the Indian Army and was  appointed as a cook and for decades cooked food for our soldiers at the Indo-Pak border. My last posting was at Dibrugarh, in Assam and then I took Voluntary Retirement Service(VRS) as that time I lost my eldest son in an accident in Bhayander,said Yadav. I have three daughters and are married, but one of them is widowed and now staying with her in Nalla Sopara and taking care of her two daughters, my grandchildren and also supporting her,financially,said Yadav.

  Earlier, I used to stay in Charkhop, Kandivli and near my house there used to lots of honking thanks to the traffic,said Yadav. So I decided to do something, as I found that there was only one Traffic Constable of the Mumbai Police stationed at that spot, which made his job difficult, said Yadav. I then took time off, and after see king permission from the Mumbai Police, I started to regulate the traffic,said Yadav. First of all, I would advise motorist to stop honking unncessarily, though  I would be greeted with angry faces, but I managed to convince them,said Yadav.

  Since 2013, I shifted to Nalla Sopara and stay with my widowed daughter,said Yadav. And I continued my voluntary service,after seeking approval from the Tulinj police station, he said.

Senior Police Inspector Kerubhau Kolhe of Tulinj police station is all praise for Yadav. He has made our job a bit easier as it is difficult to mann traffic particularly near the Nalla Sopara (E) railway station, where there is a long lines of autorickshaws, and other vehicles,said the official. My men find it difficult to regulate the traffic, he said. This is when Yadav chipped in. Daily for four hours he would position himself near the railwaystation to regulate the traffic. And it has worked to some extent. Motorists seeing the senior retired Armyman on the job, they too started to obey traffic rules : now there is less double parking of vehicles, less honking and less obstruction of vehicles,said Kolhe. 

  Though he is not authorised to fine erring motorists, but Yadav always alerts our traffic personnel if he finds anything amiss and my men challan the erring motorist, said Kolhe.  This is a vital lesson of setting an example like Yadav, who could have just sit in his house and let life go by, said Kolhe.

  I could have led a good retired life, but I decided to contribute to society and this is the better way of regulating traffic,said Yadav. And also I also get physically and mentally fit  just by standing and guiding the chaotic traffic and four hours per day is nothing to lose, said Yadav as a parting shot.