MUMBAI : A 42 year old woman died on late Friday night while she was boarding the 69140 Down Surat Virar MEMU (Multiple Electric Moving Unit) shuttle at Palghar railhead. She fell into the gap between the platform and the footboard of the shuttle, while she was trying to board the coach when the train was about the leave the station. Her husband was in another coach, while her two children were witness to the ghastly death.

Tuli Michael Vishwakarma (42) the victim stayed with her husband, Michael, a watchman at a building society, at Nav Tara apartment, Sukh Sagar, Palghar  (W)> On Friday night, the family comprising of Michael, their childen, a son (20) and a daughter (17) were to go to Virar to meet Tuli's brother so they boarded the night shuttle. According to the witnesses, the train was crowded as commuters were disboarding the coach, and while Tuli tried to  board, the train started to move and she lost balance and fell into the gap.

Hearing the commotion, the train was halted and Palghar GRP personnel arrived with a stretcher and admitted her in the Rural Hospital, Palghar where she died  due to cardiorespiratory failure, due to shock,according to the doctors. Said PI Pramod Babar of Palghar GRP, a case of accidental death has been registered and are investigating further. The funeral was held on Saturday morning.

The height of the platforms were recently raised by the Western Railway (WR) on all the three platforms at Palghar after commuters complained about the gap between the train and platforms between Virar and Dahanu stations,said a WR official. Despite announcements warning commuters not to board trains while in motion, the commuters do not listen to our alerts and meet a fatal end, said the official.